Top 10 Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 can change your business for the better. Once you incorporate it, you will be able to streamline your operations easily. Dynamics 365 cater to your requirements for enterprise resource planning as well as customer relationship management.

It includes a lot of applications and add-ons. It has been helping businesses simplify their operations ever since its release in July 2016. Dynamics Business Solutions have expertise in analysis, designs and deploy this solution and provide best after sales services and support to its customers.

Why dynamics 365 and what is it actually?

It comes in 2 editions: The business edition mainly includes the financial application and is generally meant for smaller or medium-scale companies. However, the enterprise edition comes with dynamics CRM applications and Microsoft power applications together with Microsoft premier ERP products and is generally used for larger enterprises.

Later Dynamics 365 was changed and the CRM applications were called the customer engagement plan. For finance and operations, a similar ERP application is known as Microsoft Dynamics 365. It is available as a part of the unified operations plan.

It is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management system. It has been extremely beneficial to businesses allowing them to boost their sales as well as customer service processes. Another benefit of it is that it increases employee productivity.

As per research, switching among various documents and applications can lead to multiple errors and mistakes. It not only hampers the productivity and efficiency of employees but also becomes extremely expensive in the process.

Once you invest in this, you will be able to understand its contribution to businesses. It helps businesses facilitate and expedite communication as well as improve customer relationships through a wide array of Productivity Tools.

Since your workers will have the access to the right set of tools and insights,  they will be able to improve customer relationships and boost sales. It will help them be more productive.

As far as the administration team is concerned, Dynamics 365 provides valuable insights into the company’s performance and areas for improvement through a built-in business intelligence (BI) platform.

Benefits of using Dynamics 365 for your company:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers everything that you need for CRM and ERP under one roof. It unifies capabilities into applications that work seamlessly across several business units.

It aids departments like sales, marketing, etc.

1. All your applications in one place:

It is built to streamline the operations and make them simpler.

You just need to add individual applications that work both on their own as well as together. The system will create a solution that is unique to your business requirements.

2. Understand your customer better:

Dynamics 365 has made it easier for you to make customer relationship better. You get a holistic view of your customers and their buying journeys. You use pre-built KPIs to understand customer journey with real-time update security. You can even customize the customer service and track the customer relationships in order to provide them with a better experience next time.

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3. Feasibility:

Savings and expenditures are extremely important for a business to understand. You must have an operational cost and a subscription model. It has the potential to be way more economical as you just need to pay for what you use. You can also eradicate the expenses that are involved with data centers and servers.

4. Usability:

Dynamics 365 lets you search and find the application that your business requires. It is easy to understand and use. You can effortlessly search for an application when your business requires any kind of changes.

5. Simplicity:

Dynamics 365 is built on purchasing subscriptions as per team members’ roles. You have to subscribe to individual people on the basis of the work they actually do.

6. Scalability:

Dynamics 365 is extremely scalable and it comes with a monthly subscription plan. You can scale up or down as per your requirements, season, or inconvenience.

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7. Agility:

Dynamics 365 can break down all barriers that come between critical business platforms. It makes your data start working together. This was adapted from the Microsoft Common Data Model.

8. Effective productivity:

It helps you to increase employee productivity since they have access to the right tools and insights. Employees can make the best decision since they have everything at their fingertips to take the right action.

9. Real-time insights:

Since dynamics 365 comes with built-in predictive analytics, it gives you access to real-time insights. Some of the natively embedded items include Power BI, Cortana Intelligence, Azure Machine Learning, etc. All these give you access to predictive insights, advice, etc.

10. Stringent security and controls:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes with strict security and access controls for data and applications. The solution consists of the physical data center, service hosting platform, network connectivity, and user and administrator access.

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To wrap it up, Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides great potential to streamline businesses and operations and also boost customer relationships.

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