Microsoft Dynamics 365: Why is it Important for Manufacturers and Distributors?

As far as manufacturers and distributors are concerned, they were not bothered about digital ways of handling things even a few years ago. However, things have changed now and they are now evolving, thanks to modern-day technology.

They are driving transformational change to enhance the quality of products, decrease time-to-market and cater to the changing needs of customers.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for manufacturers and distributors is apt for getting deep insights on supply chain and warehousing specifics and more. It helps them reduce expenses, increase efficiency and visibility along with taking care of delivery schedules.

Purpose-built applications allow seamless access across various functions like sales and finance, customer service, supply chain operations, etc.

It streamlines the processes by bringing them together and making it easier for manufacturers and distributors to listen to the market requirements.

Without any further delay, let us dig deep into what makes it stand out and how it can help Manufacturers and Distributors while maximizing productivity and more.

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Enable Robust Project Management:

One of the major advantages is that you can bid goodbye to shoddy project management strategy. No more poor project performance because now you will be able to visualize and strategize accordingly. You will be able to estimate accurate costs, effort, and revenue metrics at every step of the project, thus saving money and energy.

Otherwise, it would have been difficult for you to reach project goals. You can monitor the performance of all your manufacturing operations with the help of production performance Power BI reports.

You can even approve costs and review and monitor the same through an intuitive dashboard. Managing critical KPIs and ensuring profitable service delivery has also become easier and quicker.

Real-time visibility streamlines the process with unified scheduling.

Get visibility into operations:

Visibility into the entire manufacturing process drives operational excellence. You can never gain visibility into entry and operations if you are not able to collect, integrate and visualize global supply chain data across the globe.

Dynamics 365 has improved access to supply chain data, which in turn improves communication between production, service, supply, and sales. You can even get a holistic view of the company-wide production metrics and breakdown of the same by-products and resources.

This will boost visibility for improved operations.

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Empower your employees:

As per a research, 53% of Americans are not happy at their work. It is very important for you to empower your employees while there is still time.

You need to provide them with the right tools and the right data so that productivity is at its peak and the efficiency of everyday tasks is optimized.

Dynamics 365 offers access to role-specific tools and a holistic view of the business. Greater productivity can be achieved by connecting the structured workflow of business processes with unstructured work of collaboration.

Employee engagement development and retention rate are also taken care of. Give your employees constant feedback and collaborative assessments so that they also provide offer their best to your company.

Improve productivity:

As mentioned before, productivity is optimized through dynamics 365. It helps you create value in whatever you do. Manufacturing productivity comes from a consolidated view of operations and also access to virtual reality tools to resolve issues and monitor remotely.

Technicians can coordinate tasks and make the most of existing expertise to enhance productivity. The best part is that costly engagements can also be minimized through this.

Boosting efficiency by creating personal sales documents through Office 365 tools is an advantage again.

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Enhance your field game:

This industry consists of technicians who spend a lot of time on the field. Thus, they need to pay attention to policies and workflows. Product catalogues provide a list of available products along with approvals, purchasing workflow, expense limit, budget fund allocations, and more.

The best part is that the tool comes with real-time updates that provide greater visibility and a holistic view of buying cycle to ensure that procurement always stays within limits.

Field service agents can synchronize and track inventory and boost first-time fix rates with the help of forecasting and real-time visibility.

Deliver customized experience:

You need to provide customers with insights and greater visibility so that customer satisfaction is optimized. That can only be achieved in the manufacturing business by delivering value-added customer service. It needs you to automate resolution so that agents can have enough time for high-value interactions.

Technicians can also avoid service issues by analyzing data from connected devices. When agents have a holistic view of each customer journey, they estimate recruitment efficiently along with personalizing every interaction. It helps them to deliver value at every step.

So these are a few things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to the advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in manufacturing and distribution. It improves business productivity and provides greater visibility to operations. It even empowers employees.

Manufacturers can strategize robust project management as well. The speed of your business also gets improved as Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the bridge between CRM and ERP systems. It comes with embedded intelligence and analytics, which are highly required in the modern-day manufacturing industry.

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