Microsoft Power Platform: Top 10 Advantages

All must have heard about Office365, which you may be used presently or have got a chance to use. Being one of the highly popular productivity suites on the market, their benefits and conveniences are extensively known by all the small businesses to multinational setups.

For those who are looking to take their portfolio management activities and project to another notch, Microsoft Power Platform is one of the definite necessities in your toolbox.

Thus, what is meant by Microsoft Power Platform and what kind of benefit do they provide you and your organization?

Microsoft Power Platform – Definition & Importance

Microsoft Power Platform refers to a suite of app development, business intelligence, and application connectivity software within the range of Microsoft. Its major aim is to optimize the daily business or organizational processes as well as operations by personalizing the dashboards, analyzing data, responding to the generated insights, developing the catered application, and automating the processes with minimum hardcore technical expertise. The suite contains 4 core services:

Power Automate (flow): Service extremely focused on boosting productivity by automating and streamlining the organizational processes and increasing workflows with AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Power BI: Business analytics service specializes in uncovering the hidden insights, analyzing data, offering interactive data visualizations & connecting the data sources.

Power Virtual agents: Service that permits easy development as well as management of the chatbot to interact and engage with employees and customers both to take apt action on the collated data. 

PowerApps: Service with a wide range of services, apps, platforms, and data connectors that permit easy and quick development of the custom application with little to zero code expertise.

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Ten major advantages of Microsoft Power Platform for your business

1. Accumulates all your organizational activities on one platform

Today in this digital era, data is majorly everything. Thus, ensuring that all your data is accessible and accurate in real-time is an important necessity to fend off departmental silos and process the bottlenecks.

With the assistance of Microsoft platforms, one can integrate all their Office 365 applications along with added external data sources to permit seamless management of the enterprise data. It endows you a complete 360 visibility of all that happens within the project portfolio.

2. Ameliorates data value and accuracy

Microsoft PowerApps assists to generate custom applications that assist organizations to form customized fields as per specific requirements. With the assistance of Microsoft Power Automate, data flows are going to be seamlessly easy.

However, accessing and accumulating the data is just the tip of the iceberg. The actual value in the data comes when you can pull crucial insights and form data-linked actions accordingly.

Power BI makes all such crucial visualizations easy through just a click, which allows the organizations to catch up with all potential opportunities in a project.

3. Streamline processes and ameliorate overall organizational productivity

With Microsoft Platform, now you can say goodbye to all manual updating, paper-linked practices, and repetitive activities.

With the assistance of Microsoft Power Automate, all repetitive activities can be automated and digitized, which would help save valuable time for the value that they can use to concentrate on genuine valuable activities within the project.

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4. Provides extensive cost savings

As per Forrester’s report of 2021, Power Automate and Power Apps lowered the application development cost by 70 percent.

The 2019 report revealed that simple app customization via PowerApps permits the businesses to remove all the additional service subscriptions like vendor application subscriptions, which saves the businesses over 50 percent in licensing expenses.

Also, the add-on facilities available on the intuitive platform help bring a new slew of savings in costs entirely.  

5. Simplifies the compliance management tasks

Demand for enhanced compliances is all set to evolve as businesses become more socially and environmentally conscious. However, remaining updated and ensuring every process is followed can get extremely challenging.

With PowerApps and Power Automate, companies can guarantee such processes are followed properly as they have complete control over the data collation process and results.

It simplifies compliances where modifications can be performed easily if any compliance needs come up.

6. Streamline the reporting activities

We can say that most of us despise reporting. It is time-consuming and tedious work, which takes valuable resources.

Many of the research suggests that the project experts must spend one or more days collating the project report yearly.

With the assistance of Power BI, all-important reporting, dashboards, and visualizations can be done with just a click.

Also, once all the activities or tasks across the board are brought to the MS platform, reports are filtered considering input fields/specifications of the team.

7. Facilitate multi-device functionality and remote working

The year 2020 showed us how capable we are of working digitally and how crucial digital integration is for future workflows.

Most legacy apps do not have the relevant potentials to handle complete mobile and web app integration.

With the MS Power Platform, one can all the time connect to remote team members via desktop apps, cloud-based systems, and others. Irrespective of the device, one can simply tap into the project activities easily.

8. Enhances data security

MS power platform has an integrative capacity that permits all the data to get stored in a single extremely secured area. Note that all the solutions here are built in the MS IRAP certified Azure center.

Information Security Registered Assessors assessment makes sure that the highest standards for data security and cyber and maximization of security in the case of local and state government data.

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9. Allows maximization of capabilities and easy adoption

Crafting traditionally the enterprise business apps needs a steep sense of learning curve as well as massive investment into the IT savvy members of the team.

It mainly is meant for the full potentials of PPM systems as they are restricted to a few who can understand as well as use them.

MS Power Platform comes with a minimal to zero code approach, which makes it extremely significant for use for all the team members. From deploying brand new optimized workflows to generating deep insights, users can easily pull out the required potential the service holds with minimal involvement of any IT member.

10. Take benefit of the ongoing AI revolution

From artificial neural networks to machine learning, AI technologies are best set to bring in extreme changes into the industries, especially in the project management arena.

MS platform can enable you to simply tap into complete AI potentials from predictive analysis, robotic process automation to smart bots with Power BI, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Assistant, respectively.

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