Major 3 reasons why business requires Microsoft Power Platform

Early in 2014, nearly no individual had the idea that Microsoft could reinvent itself successfully.

For several years Microsoft was struggling, and releasing products, which nobody really wanted.

Since the time Satya Nadella took over Microsoft in Feb 2014, the company has undergone a remarkable transformation.

This acceptance is most visible in the share price of Microsoft, which now has quadrupled under the leadership of Nadella.

The  acceptance towards open source and double down on gaming, mobile and cloud computing made the company get more visibility.

For their enterprise consumers, Microsoft is now placing a bigger focus on what can be the next hit offering on Microsoft Power Platform.

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Here first we will discuss what is Microsoft Power Platform?

Microsoft Power platform has tied up successfully with the top class services such as PowerApps, Power BI, Power Automate etc.

The new in their list is Power Virtual Agents.


It is a low code or no code environment where you can structure mobile friendly business applications. Such applications connect with numerous third party systems and also go love in other Microsoft business apps like MS Teams.

Power BI

It is a Microsoft’s business analytical service that provides real time insights from dynamic data and also enables the creation of highly personalized or rich visualization reports on desktop and mobile.

Power Virtual Agents

This is no code graphical interface used to create intelligent bots. Such AI powered capabilities assist you to deliver a personalized bot conversation to solve consumers problems and automate questions as well.

Power Automate

This is a workflow automation tool which enables you to automate business procedures via triggers, templates, RPA and alerts. All of it can be quickly done with zero coding.

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Microsoft Power Platform Advantages for Your Business

Here are the top 3 benefits of Microsoft Power Platform:

All business process in one platform

Given the significance of data in the digital age, it is crucial for the business to have one version from all of their reporting, data and planning silos.

Whether it is tabular data or data warehouse models, how is it possible for one to unleash huge potential throughout the whole organization, beyond traditional report?

Data driven companies know that they require a cyclical approach that involves business procedures to automate, analyse, act and then iterate.

Power platform of Microsoft aids this tough situation that various businesses struggle with, providing them with an enterprise grade podium to empower any business, also those, which typically utilize multiple disparate tools.

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Self Service for use and easy adoption

Traditionally, to make complete use of various enterprise business apps, you end up heavily leaning on your IT team in your organization.

Earlier the curve of technical learning of the organization applications confined non IT experts in the markets, finance and sales from completely unleashing the insights in their business data. They were not allowed to use Azure.  

With their low code/no code approach, Microsoft Power Platform has made it relatively easier to create deep insights from the data, create powerful workflows, deploy rich apps and leverage AI.

Such intuitive and capabilities are simple to achieve via drag and drop. Your developers can simply begin by creating and then deploying while the end users embrace and utilize all functions and features with minimal or zero involvement from your business IT department.

It is only Microsoft

PowerApps, Power BI, Power Virtual Agents and Power Automate are good combinations of Act, Analyze, Iterate and Automate.

One can create an end to end potential, which would work seamlessly under Microsoft ecosystem and hugely simplify daily business tasks and processes.

At the end, if your business utilizes MS, you can probably have licenses of Power Platform to you. Thus, in place of integrating and buying a 3rd party product, why not use it?

The power platform of Microsoft is a unique suite of organization services that unifies and democratizes.

It offers both non tech and tech users at your business a powerful medium to analyse the data, act on the generated insights, automate business processes and deliver personalization.

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