Microsoft Power Automate: All you need to know

Microsoft automates, Microsoft flow, etc have given us several doubts regarding their tremendously linked names.

One might be researching a lot just to get lost as compared to before. Do you ever wonder what their distinctions are? What are they used for? Are they the same tool?

Here in this write-up, you will find all that you require knowing about Microsoft power automation.

What is meant by Microsoft power automate?

Microsoft Power automate is nothing but a recent enterprise system from MS that enables one to integrate as well as synchronize all the data/info analysis & applications in a manner, which is automated with the goal to enhance productivity & organizational efficiency.

Such online services, apart from automating the processes & tasks in an intuitive and simple manner, even permits to have a more functional flow with zero requirements to develop code.

Power automate permits one to connect 2 or more apps & perform actions, which can automate most routine-based business processes.

Few of the functions of such tools are to shift data/info between systems, support data from API, send reminders regarding tasks/activities, and automate activities from local devices.

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What is meant by Microsoft flow?

MS flow is an office 365 tool, which is focused on ameliorating worker productivity just by automating numerous activities and by amalgamating distinct cloud apps & services. The creation of automated workflows offers great possibilities to get notifications, collect data/info and synchronize files.

Lastly, Microsoft has decided to rename the tool & include it in the power platform, which has become a part of the MS power automation structure.

How to utilize Microsoft power automatically?

Starting off with MS power automate is very simple. You only require a mail address & website browser. The initial measure is to register at zero and get started.

The application comes with different ready to utilize templates & recommendations where applications can get linked. Navigation is intuitive, which actually makes it ideal for users with or with little programming knowledge.

With it, one can simply create a flow that takes data/info of the potential client & ultimately transfer all of them to Dynamics, take screenshots of tweets with specific parameters & retweet all of them automatically, save the document attachments present in mails on SharePoint or OneDrive and even receive notification on phones.

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What are the basic connectors available in Microsoft power automate?

The next crucial benefit of Microsoft power automation is complete integration with various other Microsoft or 3rd party services. Connectors are solely responsible for facilitating it & are a tool, which has nearly three hundred predefined connectors which include Outlook, Sharepoint, GitHub, Mailchimp, YouTube, Dropbox, WordPress, etc.

Note that this is a list, which is continuously in a growing phase and permits us to easily work with data or info in the cloud or on the premise platform. Moreover, if none of such connectors match our requirements, we have the potential to create a custom.

To know them better, knowing clearly 3 terms are important:


These are one of those, which begin the workflow. This can be a new mail when a document is saved or a video gets uploaded on the YouTube channel. Each of the connectors has at least 1 trigger.


When the procedure has already started, we should define what are the actions to implement. For instance, ensure to upload a file into the OneDrive, begin an approval procedure, when you get a mail from a particular person. Note that every flow comes with 1 or more actions.


The third element is when you look at connecting 2 applications as the tool may ask for credentials of every application that you want to connect with. Note that these are end-to-end encrypted with Microsoft security & can be simply deleted or removed whenever you want.

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Advantages of utilizing MS power automate

Enhances productivity

One can simply create a time-saving workflow from a single task to huge-scale systems. Note that all of it can be done with just perfect integrations via many predefined connectors.

Safer & faster automation

One has the potential to allow all users whom you consider can create safe workflows. It facilitates the automation of RPA or robotic processes.

Smart workflows

One can now simply automate manual activities that take nearly a lot of time owing to the possibilities, which are offered by AI or Artificial Intelligence. It enables one to avail more time to concentrate on various other strategic activities, which need more investment.

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