Microsoft Power Automate includes in Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

For those who have missed the announcement in 2019’s Ignite, Microsoft has come up with the preview of the UI flows – a new RPA or Robotic Process Automation capability in the Microsoft Power Automate

As it is already known to all, that power automate helps hundreds of thousands of businesses automate numerous processes each day.

And with the inclusion of RPA, the Power Automate will also help these companies automate their legacy applications and manual procedures via UI linked automation.

The significant Power Automate capabilities announced in the meet were the involvement of RPA given the availability of unattended and attended scenarios and a flexible organization model for supporting any organization scenario. 

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Automate modern and legacy applications on a single platform

Power Automate is one of the most comprehensive cloud-based automation platforms that unlocks analog information with the assistance of automating UI, AI with the RPA and the automates of cloud apps and databases with the inbuilt connectors. 

This extensive set of capabilities reveals the upcoming generation of automation that will get access to the business, including the noncoders and coders alike, via a familiar code development interface and a uniquely affordable licensing. 

With the Power Automate, now Microsoft has put automation into every worker’s hands, making it simple for them to automate various repetitive activities throughout legacy & modern apps.

It would also assist in simplifying how they work in a scalable manner, making it more secure. 

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Completing the portfolio of low code automation with RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

Across the software industry, various technological solutions have helped individuals conduct their work well. However, the widespread adoption of the upcoming technology also refers to the point that organizations can end up with a disconnected solution that needs them to patch them the processes together throughout siloed apps.

In the past, it was tough to join disparate systems as it was too costly and also required professional developers exclusively when few of the data could still be possible to write on paper or locked-in in decades-old web apps or Windows. 

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Power Automate offers a single solution for the end to end automation spanning on-premises and clouds. This particular approach gives way to 3 primary areas: 

Intelligent understanding of the information: Unstructured and structured data from the paper-based invoices to the images can be understood easily and integrated with other crucial business apps.

With the AI-driven potentials such as forms processing in AI Builder, all end-users can quickly parse the analog sources’ data. 

Connecting easily to more than 300 services and applications: Now, it is simple to work with data stored in the cloud or on-premise applications and databases.

Power automate offers native connectivity to all typical applications or a business’s API with more than 300 connectors and no code medium to easily connect to any internal services. 

RPA connects to the enterprise apps without any APIs: Few apps are usually ancient and expensive to support the API connectivity.

With the assistance of UI flows, all the end-users can automate their specific work or task in such apps by quickly recording manual activities like keyboard inputs, mouse clicks, and data entry.

Accordingly, they can automate the steps for integrating them with highly complex process automation. 

Majorly, API connectors, AI, and then RPA makes the Microsoft Power Automate a highly comprehensive automation medium available today in the cloud. 

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