Microsoft Power Platform: A Few Things to Know about it

The Microsoft Power Platform aid business houses to improve their efficiency and add to their competitive advantage. This also helps in resolving issues and reducing expenditure.

Microsoft is a leading company in providing cloud and productivity solutions to companies worldwide and they are also the ones who are driving digital transformation.

No matter what the size and scale of your business is, digital upgradation is required for better data, efficiency, and processes.

Digital transformation in your company will not only reduce the overall expenses; but can also create value for your customers. The advantages that a company gains from it are noteworthy.

The Microsoft Power Platform is created for efficient digital transformation. The same is made up of three Microsoft technologies – namely, Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft PowerApps, and Microsoft Power Automate.

These come with familiar Microsoft interfaces such as easy-to-use drag and drop functionality, which in turn aids in building the solutions seamlessly and quickly.

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Microsoft Power BI is used for analyzing data for gaining meaningful insights, which can is used to enhance your business.

Interactive reports are even added to dashboards that are shareable with other users. This ensures that everyone gets access to relevant analytics.

Notably, Microsoft PowerApps is a platform made to produce business mobile applications conveniently.

This is done while keeping the price factor in mind, i.e. development costs are minimum. You can add new data wherever you are to ensure your insights are updated.

Microsoft Power Automate is generally used to automate repetitive business processes. It is also focused on those within PowerApps and Power BI. A number of triggers are used for creating multi-step workflows.

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