Benefits of DynaPay Payroll with Power BI Dashboards

No matter whether it is a software development entity or an organization just dealing with academia, each and every business irrespective of the size whether small, mid or large has a human resource department that demands automotive Payroll software.

According to the current findings, the human resource market is expected to make up $ 30 billion by 2030.

Moreover, between the years 2017 and 2025, there can be a projected elevation in HR software used to up to 9.4% and it is most likely enhanced with the passage of every year.

When the organizations are trying their level best to strive in the industrial market to make high profit and spend a minimum amount, introducing in smart as well as intuitive systems or software called Dynapay payroll with Power BI Dashboard in the business is a must.

These tools have been grasping enormous attraction throughout the world & never fails to endow progressive outcomes.

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DynaPay Payroll – What is it?

DynaPay Payroll with Power BI Dashboard is the most preferred payroll & HR management software that easily automates the record management, payroll calculation, document management & even notifies the expiry reminders.

It is a pro system that is developed inside the microsoft dynamics 365 BC involving workflows, document attachments & notification.

It will not be incorrect to refer to this as an extensive as well as a comprehensive HR management solution that uses native AL development equipment.

DynaPay Payroll with Power BI Dashboard is a leading system that streamlines transaction processes.

No matter whether the company is an SME or Fortune 2000 business, software is designed to mitigate needs of all kinds of businesses.

Software has been developed and designed keeping in mind the HR departments & employees/staffs convenience. It not only illustrates a completely detailed salary description but even fastens the net salary employees calculation.

Witnessing their credible features, it will not be incorrect to call it a continuous approach that leads us to productivity.

DynaPay payroll gets hosted on the microsoft cloud that ensures quick & remote access to the human resources through any of the devices such as desktop, smartphone, laptop or tablet.

It even encompasses various interfaces to effectively personalize features for the human resource department, staff/employees & admin separately.

The payroll system has been designed and developed just for the microsoft dynamics 365 BC customers.

Availability of their monthly subscription at cheaper rates endows you with the accessibility to yield payrolls of numerous staff or employees.

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How using Dynapay payroll can be of great help?

Emergence of various human resource management software has made it necessary for the organizations to choose the correct one.

Dynapay payroll with power BI dashboard can be of great help in the following listed ways:

l It is a smart dashboard that enables quick accessibility to crucial data or info such as duty resumption over the dues, employees on leave or employees structure.

l Reveals salary enhancement history, contact details of employees, employees various documents, salary details and work experience history.

l Automatically calculates the employees’ gratuity. l Calculates all employees payroll on just a click

l Calculates the overtime salary and absent deduction of the chosen employees.

l Automatically creates a WPS file if the file is in MS excel form l Creates a detailed pay slip for the employees & shares with them l Prepares automatically a detailed salary report at month end. Salary reports can get downloaded or even printed in the PDF form.

l It can yield payroll reports based on the department, grade, designation, worksite & various other parameters. It is completely customizable.

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