DynaPay Payroll: How is it one of the best Cloud Based HR Software?

Cloud HR software makes it simpler to carry forward payroll linked activities. DBS (Dynamic Business Solution) offers you a scalable, powerful & cost effective solution.

Thorough payroll management: How is it a delicate activity?

Human resource department has the responsibility of payroll management. This is one of the most complicated & laborious activities. It is very tough if businesses have a huge number of staff/employees.

Various aspects should be taken in consideration while calculating payout of every staff by the end of the month & these should be recorded as & when required (advances received, numerous payments in employees/staff savings bank accounts, gross amount, numerous deductions etc). It is thus not possible to create a single fit all salary slips.

One of the advantages of best cloud based HR software is it simplifies and eases the recording of the particular transactions & calculations required to generate salary payslip and also issuing & creation of salary slip itself.

Such activities are automated, which means the risk involved in error is mostly zero. It even helps save a lot of time.

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Benefits of cloud based payroll solution

It is becoming extremely less common to attain or utilize standard tools for payroll by paying off license fee. In present times, with cloud HR software, all the activities are getting conducted on external podiums in exchange for annual or monthly subscriptions, which caters to multiple advantages.

First & foremost, the system is installed on the provider’s hosting server, lowering constraints involved in storage space for client companies. Software company is even responsible for security of data stored, maintenance & upgrades with regard to technological developments & tax or regulatory changes.

As billing is done on the basis of the usage, with zero additional charges, businesses can lower & control costs when accessing the cloud based application & their archives twenty four hours a day.

Next benefit is deployment becomes fast as it usually needs just simple function linked configuration & permits for possibility of getting back to the on premise set up at the end of the commitment period.

Note that service providers of course require a basic user training & technical support, which is generally included in the cost.

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How DynaPay Payroll, HR payroll software UAE can help your business?

DynaPay Payroll is one of the most preferred HR payroll software UAE that is used for automating record management, document management, payroll calculations & also notifies/reminds the company about expiry of any feature/function or in regard to tax.

It is a pro system that is developed inside the Microsoft dynamics 365 Business Central involving workflows, document attachments & notification. Companies can even call it a comprehensive & extensive human resource management solution, which takes the assistance of AL development tools.

DynaPay Payroll is a leading system, which streamlines the transaction processes. Whether the company is small or big, software is well designed to meet requirements of all business kinds.

This system is designed/developed keeping in mind employee convenience & HR department. It not just comes with a detailed pay slip description but also fastens net salary staff calculation.

Owing to their features, it is not wrong to call one of the best cloud based payroll software.

DynaPay payroll is hosted on Microsoft cloud, which endows remote & instant access to HR through any kind of device like smartphone, desktop, tablet or laptop. It also encompasses different interfaces to easily personalize features for the HR department, employees/staff and the admin.

Payroll software has been developed and designed only for Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC businesses. Availability of monthly subscription at reasonable gets the business access to generate payrolls of different staff.

How utilizing Dynapay cloud based payroll can be of help for businesses?

Emergence of different HR management systems has made it important for businesses to select the cloud based payroll as per your business requirements. Dynapay payroll is of help in the listed ways:

  • The dashboard is smart that endows businesses instant access to important info/data like duty resumption in regard to dues, employees/staff structure, or employees on leave.
  • Stores data about salary increment history, employee documents, employees contact details, employees work experience & salary details.
  • Calculates all the staff gratuity automatically.
  • Calculates all payroll linked calculations of staff with just a click.
  • Calculates overtime salary & absent deduction of selected staff/employees.
  • Can create automatic WPS files if the file is in MS excel form.
  • Can create detailed salary slips for staff and even share the data with them.
  • Can prepare a detailed salary report by the end of every month. Employees can avail salary reports from the ESS portal in PDF form.
  • Can generate payroll reports based on the grade, department, designation, work stations & other parameters. It can be customized.

Dynamics Business Solutions (DBS) is certified Microsoft Dynamics partner in UAE, we take pride in our ability to develop and deploy the right business solution that matches global client’s requirements.

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