7 Reasons to Move to a Cloud Based Payroll System

Are you thinking of moving to a cloud-based payroll system? If yes, then let us tell you that you are not alone. Dynamics Business Solutions ( DBS ) is there to assist you and providing cutting edge HRMS and Payroll Solutions  ‘’ Dynamo for MS Dynamics 365 F&O and Dynapay for MS Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Thousands of other entrepreneurs are thinking of shifting to cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions from their on-premise HR software applications. As per PwC’s Global HR Technology Survey 2017, 73% of companies already have at least one cloud-based application. This compares favorably with 68% from two years ago.

And yes, nearly one-third of the organizations are planning to move to the cloud over the span of the next 12 to 18 months. But if you are still not sure and giving it second thoughts, here are a few solid reasons why you should immediately take the action.

1. Cloud-based payroll system increases speed and accuracy:

Let us begin with the most important point – cloud-based payroll systems improve efficiency owing to better speed and accuracy.

You have to understand that one of the most important things while running an organization is to ensure that your employees are being paid right and at the right time. However, payroll can be quite an issue because of inefficient HR and payroll departments.

DBS’s Cloud payroll services DynaPay  MS Dynamics 365 Business Central. will eliminate all kinds of manual errors and simplify the payroll process. It will come with a friendly, intuitive user interface that offers straightforward navigation.

The functions will get more automated and redundancies will get reduced. You will understand the difference within the first few months of switching to a cloud-based payroll system.

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2. Cloud payroll services come with mobile accessibility:

These days, most of the work gets done outside of the office. From big transactions to vendor management operations, most get done just at the click of a few buttons, and that too on your mobile phone.

One of the major benefits of our cloud-based payroll system is that field managers and other dedicated employees can process and approve payroll from his or her personal mobile at any time, from anywhere.

This is a huge advantage for companies with various locations set across multiple time zones. It is also beneficial for field managers who can review and approve time cards as well as respond to requests for leaves, etc. straight from their smartphones or tablets. Dynapay for MS Dynamics 365 Business Central is capable enough to provide all these features and services.

3. Cloud-based payroll system protects your data:

DBS Cloud-based payroll system DynaPay for D365 Business Central provide that extra layer of security so that fraudulent activities do not take place when it comes to data. Data stored in the cloud is generally way safer than data stored on-premise.

There have been several occasions where on-premise payroll data has been vulnerable to natural disasters and computer crashes. On the other hand, our cloud-based payroll service providers put in enormous resources on data and infrastructure security, thereby leaving you with fewer things to worry about.

The data is even encrypted and backed up from time to time. While checking your chosen cloud payroll system, ensure that data is hosted on a private cloud.

Moreover, it comes with guaranteed server uptime, encrypted data using secure protocols, etc.

4. Cloud-based payroll software is scalable:

Now this is a very important point. Unlike other payroll software, cloud payroll systems are scalable. This is a huge advantage if your organization manages a seasonal or growing workforce. You do not need to stress about outgrowing capacity or paying extra bucks. You only have to pay for the capacity that you use during a particular billing period.

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5. Cloud payroll systems provide employee service portals:

It is your job as an entrepreneur to check the facilities that cloud-based payroll systems come with for your employees. It provides various benefits to your workers, managers, HR, and payroll employees. Your staff can access their payroll information anywhere and anytime. They can do it with the help of their mobile phones or tablets.

By using DBS’s DynaPay for MS Dynamics 365 Business Central Payroll System They can not only check their pay slips and benefits but they can also request PTO, change their contact information, and more. This leaves the managers and HR professionals with the extra time that they can devote to other essential activities in your company.

6. It decreases ownership costs:

DBS Cloud-based SaaS solution DynaPay for MS 365BC & Dynamo for MS 365 FO come with a better return on investment than on-premise software. You do not have to buy in-house servers or need to physically set up any devices. This will save you a lot of extra expenditure. Updates are handled by the SaaS provider.

Moreover, there are no lengthy downtimes to deal with. The payroll employees will also gain traction from up-to-date software versions.

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7. It is environment friendly:

Cloud-based payroll services reduce energy consumption, thereby decreasing your company’s carbon footprint. It is a very environmentally conscious move for you as an entrepreneur.


Cloud-based system can reduce your workload as well as help you focus on your core business. It can simplify the payroll processing process as well as decrease ownership costs. There are plenty of cloud-based payroll systems available in the market and you only need to pay for the portion you use. It will improve accuracy while streamlining tax filings and other operations.

DynaPay for Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud Based Payroll System, Integrated Payroll, Human Resources and Employee Self Service Software for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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