How has the Cloud Based Payroll Solution Changed the Way HR Works these Days?

Human resource is nothing but a function that easily connects with the employees needs & aspirations directly. Keeping the employees extremely happy with a simple payroll system will help ensure loyalty & maximize productivity.

Payroll models should even ensure closer employee bonding, interaction & camaraderies. Unluckily, as documentation & administrative activities consume most time of human resource personnel, it leaves them with little or zero time for staff engagement.

However, HR functions have significantly changed in current times. Today the HR functioning is no longer identified as back end tasks with piles of documents & files buried. Present day’s human resource department plays a strategic part in attaining company goals.

They even have advanced technology, which complements the transformation. Cloud HR software assists HR experts to effortlessly manage crucial & strenuous human resource activities such as leave, payroll & attendance, on boarding & others.

Here are some solutions that cloud HR systems provide to streamline the whole procedure with simplicity.

Interview scheduler & recruitment application

It all starts with a completely smart recruitment portal where the candidates can simply submit their CVs effortlessly and apply for different available positions.

Best cloud hr software can scan such CVs for keywords, which are relevant to job needs & send an alert to recruiters for the possible fitment.

It helps avoid manual scanning of thousands of CVs for correct candidates. With this app, businesses can automatically schedule the interview of the candidates based on the availability of both the parties and hiring manager.

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Appointment letter & documentation scanner

In cloud HR software, businesses can ask the chosen candidates to submit various documents for validation. Such documents can get routed to the external service providers for verification of their background. Basis the feedback received, appointment letters are issued to candidates online through encrypted mail for the data security reasons. Candidates can sign the acceptance letter digitally and with the cloud this document gets stored for any future reference.

Payroll inputs & on boarding

Latest human resource solution tends to over complete modules of automated on boarding that need zero to minimal physical interaction.

Once the on boarding of the staff takes place, joining info & the banking details of the new joinee will automatically get transferred to the payroll department for more processing, involving compensation details.

Leave quota generation & attendance data

Tracking attendance & leaves is today no more time consuming and strenuous HR work. Payroll department creates an employee account with their leave & attendance info for the staff while the software computes leave quota basis the joining date.

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Functional or mandatory training scheduler

With the cloud based payroll system, businesses can efficiently conduct daily compulsory training for staff/employees & even schedule a training calendar for every staff to track for compliance.

Moreover, functional managers can even schedule training on the basis of their team members’ needs.

Salary changes, performance evaluation & promotion management

Employee performance examination is one of the crucial functions of HR. In the past, the procedure included a sizable amount of documentation, paper work & even data/info collection that took up a great deal of productive time.

With cloud based payroll software now employees performance can get tracked in real time.

Staff’s life cycle can wholly be managed within cloud HR software. The historical info/data can be simply reviewed by the human resource team or by the respective HR manager to know about the staff’s expertise and skill.

Performance achievements & goals can get tracked for the purpose of recommending salary enhancements or even promotions in most deserving events. Updated data/info is automatically then sent to the payroll for getting it further processed.

Employee incentives, engagement, recognition & rewards

Cloud HR software engages the staff/employee with the advanced mobile technology for collaborating & communicating on the go.

The human resource can simply broadcast crucial data/info & business updates to the staff in bulk in only some clicks.

Moreover, staff can easily access all the data/info linked to their income/salary & crucial benefits at any time from any location.

Software caters staff/employees with a thorough secure podium for easy collaboration & to communicate well across different departments effortlessly & quickly.

System can also be configured for automatically computing necessary bonuses or production/sales incentives on the predetermined aspect or particular period.

Recognition or rewards can get stored in the employee profile for references or the payment via payroll.

Payroll management

One of the most crucial functions of human resource is processing of the payroll. Gathering and collation of the pay inputs, statutory compliances, computation of the pay, bank file transfer, payslips, reports, accounting or MIS and others easily can be managed via human resource system solutions.

Advantages of the life or medical insurance tracker  

Staff benefits like ESOPs, gratuity, PF and others can get effortlessly managed via automated cloud systems. Other advantages like medical/life insurance enrolments, claims, nominations and other can even be included.

Statutory compliance

Employees all salary linked compliances can simply be managed by linking payroll platforms with external systems like government sites & banks for conducting online transactions. Also, relevant reports can be easily generated with summary level and even in minute details.

HR rules, employee queries, policy & procedure library

Staff are able to see distinct payroll or HR policies or processes at any time as a single source window.

The infusion of new technologies like AI has assisted HR to come up with communicative chat bots where the system responds automatically to the standard queries from staff in regard to their pay or human resource linked laws either by text or voice.

System works as an enormous data library & files of every staff member, which actually helps them simply retrieve data for audit or reference.

Instant & simple system implementation

Latest technology even is overwhelming for human resource experts to take up any implementation. However, the SaaS human resource system is simple to deploy as it has a DIY format.

Many of them hardly need any hand holding & are straightforward & comfortable than the traditional human resource software.

For staying ahead of the HR management curve, it is necessary to enhance & switch to a cloud based payroll system owing to its automated nature.

SaaS HR system consolidates all crucial HR functionality all in a single cloud based system.

It makes the work of human resources simple when compared to traditional on premise HR solutions.

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