8 Benefits of Dynamics 365 Business Central for Your Business

If you are thinking of investing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 business central, then you have landed on the right page. In this blog, we will talk about the top advantages of Dynamics 365 business central, which small and medium-scale businesses can make the most of.

The best part about D365 is that it lets you run your business from one unified solution.

What is dynamics 365 business central?

It is a cloud-based enterprise source management or ERP system from the house of Microsoft. It is an ERP solution that provides customer relationship management capabilities. This means that you can increase your sales while also being able to maximize your supply chain and financials.

It provides a streamlined, all-in-one solution that can manage your entire business. It can also be used as a standalone application.

But yes, if you are worried about whether it will integrate with other dynamics 365 apps or not, well it does.

This was originally known as Microsoft NAV, which later on evolved into business central. It offers the flexibility of being hosted in the cloud, on-premise, or a mix of both.

For small businesses, we suggest using the cloud version as it is more prevalent and user-friendly.

1.Dynamics 365 business central comes with a low cost of ownership:

As a small or medium-size business, we are pretty sure that you are looking for cost-friendly applications and facilities.

The subscription-based monthly fixed fee model of dynamics 365 business central also does not have any upgradation or maintenance expenses.

You do not have to pay a large upfront amount and your costs remain predictable. The best part is that you will also not need management resources or servers.

2.Provides a single source of truth:

Dynamics 365 business central provides a single source of truth for your company data across various departments. This also means that your data is stored in a safe and primary location that will be constantly updated in real-time with the latest information.

It also allows employees in the company to use the same data while making decisions or creating a financial report. It obviously improves transparency.

You can even witness data report analysis through built-in dashboards.

By connecting data across accounting sales, purchasing, finance, and inventory, you will be able to make better business decisions.

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3. ERP meets CRM in a single platform:

Business central might be an ERP solution but it also has features that improve customer experiences and strengthens relationships with customers.

It helps you track customer interaction, and get insights on cross-sell and renewal opportunities across the sale cycle. You can even create flexible pricing and discount structures for individual customers and groups.

You can easily address customer returns or issues, track repair details, and more with the help of Dynamics 365.

4.Warehouse and supply chain management:

This is yet another benefit of including this in your business. It comes with solid warehouse and supply change management features. You can maximize your supply chain with predictive stock replenishment and even create purchase orders based on sales forecasts. It helps you optimize your warehouse storage facilities and simplify receiving and storage by using templates to understand the best placement of items.

5.Feasible and easy to scale:

Flexibility is another reason why most entrepreneurs love Microsoft Dynamics 365. Your company data is easily accessible to your employees going to cloud technology.

It means you get the power to run your business from anywhere and at anytime regardless of where you are or the device you use. Remote working is the new normal and thus you need flexibility in every aspect of your business. Business central is also scalable and lets you grow your business at ease.

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6.Simple project management:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 business central also provides features for managing your project so that you can provide work on time. You can not only create and manage projects using time sheets but also track them along with reporting capabilities. You will also get access to real-time insights on project status.

7. Seamless integration:

As mentioned earlier, Microsoft Dynamics 365 business central also seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft apps and products. It comes with Microsoft power bi dashboards as well.

You can not only download apps or extensions from Microsoft app source.

8.Data security and compliance:

Data security and compliance is another benefit that dynamics 365 business central comes with. It provides enterprise-level security. It already has built-in features so that your data is backed up and stored in a secure manner.

You will also be able to use various features such as authentication, data encryption, authorization, and auditing, which in turn, ensures that your business is compliant. If you are still thinking about whether Microsoft Dynamics 365 business central is right for your business or not, let me tell you that it is the best decision you will ever make.

If yours is a medium or small-scale business and if you have outgrown your accounting software, then this is it.

Also, do you trust manual methods or have multiple software systems? If yes, then please sign up for Microsoft Dynamics 365 business central. It comes with better data security that is required as your business is going.

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