Empower Digital Transformation of Your Business With Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an amazing fusion of ERP and CRM software that focuses primarily on streamlining specific business projects.

This is an integrated cloud-based SaaS that can be seamlessly merged with Microsoft Office 365.

This smart intuitive software comes with applications that can help in high-end sale forecast in the Field Service, Project Service Automation, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Finance, and Operations.

Take a look at the following point to know how it can empower your digital transformation.

Creating a Custom Business App with App Designer

This software comes with innovative functionality that offers the creation of your business application.

Even a person without any knowledge in coding can create the app with this software. It not only offers a power app and app source for the app creation, this can be done for free too.

Dynamics 365 also offers a simple custom app creation process that can include entities, charts, dashboards, view forms, and so on for the business application.

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Editing with Editable Grids

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 and its grid view, any records from any entity can be edited. There is no need to go to the form for editing.

The software comes with custom embedded visual control or enhancement of intuitive CRM user interface that can be useful for businesses for previewing websites, calendars, or YouTube players.

Custom controls can make the visual experience amazing with star ratings, switches, switches, calendar control, video embedding, and sliders.

This is surely handy for users who want to use the mobile app. The user gets a rich visual experience in the format of a calendar rather than a list.

MS Dynamics 365 Mobile Client

Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes with the mobile CRM add-on that lets the sales professionals remain mobile active 24/7 and equip them with real-time sales activities, customer records, monitoring, and decision making.

The 360-degree view is essential for any business professional that helps in getting the opportunity of staying in touch with the customers even from remote locations.

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Process Flow Editor

With Microsoft Dynamics the business process flow is enhanced in manifolds. It comes with a fully changed visual interface while the functionality is almost the same.

Even though there are some structural changes in the business process flow, the concept is still the same, resulting in a similar effect of the previous versions of the CRM. Monitoring time on one task and recommending changes have become easier with the help of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Interactive Graphic Visualization with Power BI

Power BI is the comprehensive business intelligence tool offering interactive visualization for reports with data analysis and functional dashboard. Power BI comes with Microsoft Dynamics 365 as an integrated tool.

In the KPI section, you can see the reports as the pie chart, the ones that have been visited more. Also, these charts in the KPI section can be modified and displayed for any period of time you want.

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Enhanced Customer Engagement

With built-in Cortana Intelligence, Dynamics 365 can work like wonder in terms of enhancing the customer experience. Sales reps and managers use this for machine learning automation.

With intelligent data of customer behavior and analytics, a business can use them for cross-selling and helping the business make informed decisions.

Dynamics Business Solutions is the Microsoft partner that can empower your business with Microsoft dynamics 365. Partner with them today and take a step forward to a better future.  

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