Know how Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC is a prudent tool for Sales Managers?

Being a sales manager involves a lot of tracking work. They require to remain on the top of all sales opportunities, ensuring nothing sweeps out via any crack.

Also they are required to keep a good track of present forecast and inventory demand. With zero correct technology tools in place, it is tough for sales managers to do well in what they are best at i.e. maintaining a highly profitable sales relation.

With the help of Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC, sales managers have complete access to all possible tools they require for a single interface.

Here we will explore some of the major features that Dynamics 365 BC offers to the sales managers.

Few of the known features that Dynamics 365 Business Central provides to sales managers include:

  • Provide an opportunity to inspect overdue.
  • Helps in tracking the inventory quantity & forecasts.
  • Assist to review sales opportunities through integration with the Power BI.

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Provide alerts for sales opportunity & inspects the overdue opportunities

When you primarily log into the Business Central model as a sales manager, you will get an access to pre-built and role tailored dashboard, which would provide you with a swift access to a wide range of pertinent data, involving an overview of present sales happenings.

On scrolling down, you will find that one such title under Opportunities labeled as an overdue opportunity. Click on the title, and you will be taken to the overdue opportunity section.

Here, you will find step by step listing of overdue sales opportunities. With the help of the column at top, you can easily sort the list, for instance, one can sort by date of change, estimated value, success chance etc.

Choose any of the opportunity and click on show opportunity card button on the top.

It would provide you with a comprehensive overview of the sales opportunity status. In the statistics section on the right side, you will find how many of the total interactions have happened for a considerable opportunity. Click on the number, and you will be taken to the list of sales interactions.

Here you can swiftly go through how such interactions went just by looking at the assessment given under the Evaluation section.

To know the sale’s report and comment of a considerable interaction, click on it and then choose the comments button at top.

This endows you with a detailed insight into the opportunity status, enabling the sales manager to give the organization’s team an accurate picture about how probably a considerable opportunity can get closed.

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Provide an accessibility to the inventory quantity

This is one of the best features that D365 BC is able to provide, which helps in making a smarter and better decision.

By giving the sales manager an ameliorated insight into the inventory quantity as well as the forecasts, the sales manager can make a much better decision regarding the inventory management.

To figure it out, the sales manager needs to click on Items present at the top of the system’s dashboard.

It presents an overview regarding the company’s inventory with comprehensive inventory counts for every item. Go to the forecast drop down option present on the right side and choose show sales forecast.

Here, you will instantly be able to view the upcoming monthly sales forecast for whatever item you have selected.

Just by toggling back to the inventory forecast, one can check to find if you will have sufficient inventory for a selected item in coming months, or if you require to order more such items.

On clicking the report section, a drop down menu will come. Here, you need to go to the inventory and choose inventory statistics/inventory details.

Doing so would generate reports that would offer a detailed insight about the sales number as well as the present inventory status.

With the help of Business Central, sales managers can also determine if a particular item is selling poorly, which would help them know that if it is the correct time to work on the promotion of that item.

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How effective is Dynamics 365 BC for sales managers?

With Dynamics 365 Business Central, sales managers can save considerable time, lower errors as well as gain ameliorated control over each aspect of the sales procedure. 

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