How Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC is a sure shot bet on investment?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC is one of the leading cloud based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) business systems that can assist you to drive sales productivity & ameliorate the value of all your marketing efforts via social insights, campaign management and business intelligence.

Microsoft has continued their effort to expand and develop their capabilities and portfolio with Microsoft Dynamics 365 supporting ERP, CRM, HCM or Human Capital Management processes, application development and advanced analytics.

In October 2018, Nucleus Research published a ten year report regarding experiences of MS Dynamics 365 BC deployment with medium and small business customers & ROI dollars.

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As per the outcome for every dollar spent, businesses realized an average of nearly $16 in returns. With rate of interest for ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) & CRM (Customer Relationship Management) delivering an average of nearly $7 & $8, respectively, Dynamics 365 BC pins to be at higher degree than both combined.

The research report also showed that the businesses that were taking advantage of MS’s investment in cloud & usability, as well as for analytics & integration with considerably higher returns, was by elevating revenues and productivity while lowering costs.

The next chunk of MS Dynamics 365 BC implementation stated in the research was either company switching or upgrades over from various other non MS products with medium incremental returns.

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It highlights the rising breadth of MS Dynamics 365 BC in supporting ERP, CRM and human capital management processes and also advanced application and analytics development via PowerApps.

What is the catch on investment with Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC?

There are considerable elements in financial success with deployment in medium and small organizations with MS Dynamics 365 BC are as follows:

Tribal effect of MS integration: 

The potential to integrate MS solutions with the existing or the new app and data sources was a key to completing projects on time & under budget.

Analysis & data taken to next level: 

MS customers were able to start off with added sources of profits via upselling or cross selling with field service allowing new lines of company.

With the real time data and also embedded analytics functionality being accessible easily, customers can enhance or maximize the value of their business data with data operated decision making.

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The concentrated approach becomes the next norm:

The concentration on standardizing a simple to use UI (User Interface) across products is a crucial one.

With MS products sharing common design as well as user experience, consumers can make most of the familiarity with other MS products needing less time for user adoption. This also enabled users to redirect time saved to other high level tasks.

Cloud is king & more:

The technology of cloud involves innovation, which saves costs on critical infrastructure & implementation support. It also reduces costs on initial hardware or on ongoing IT (Information Technology) support.

Microsoft has steady capabilities that allows them to continue with their value to build an efficient system with Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC.

Integration of such business capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC like CRM, ERP, and HCM alongside Power BI, Azure, Power Apps with our business support (Dynamics Business Solutions) will be a sure game changer for you in the corporate arena.

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