What is the overall cost of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central & how it contributes to digital transformation?

Businesses look for easy-going ways to manage all their work processes through one platform while concentrating more on the business expansion part.

For many businesses, this approach is more like a future build-up, whereas others consider it a survival approach. 

This is where software like- Microsoft Dynamic 365 Business Central comes in to bring a revolutionary change in the digital transformation. 

Let’s begin with understanding the literal meaning of Dynamics 365 Business Central. 

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a cloud-based solution by Microsoft. The major reason behind the development and launch of such software was to replace ordinary & restricted-feature rich ERP or entry-level accounting software.

Microsoft  Dynamics 365 Business Central helps to streamline a series of official work processes related to finance, customer services, operations, sales, marketing, etc.

The biggest highlight of this software is its potential for providing actionable insights. 

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Here are a few features of Dynamics 365 Business Central- 

  1. Available anytime, anywhere
  2. Exceptional desktop experience 
  3. Tell me feature 
  4. Customizable permission sets
  5. Supports BI
  6. Filters

Dynamics 365 Business Central helps to manage- 

  1. Customer relational management- Helps to manage the campaigns, built-in integrations, Dynamics 365 for Sales management, contact, etc. 
  2. Financial management- Manages the bank details, workflows, general ledger, budgets, bank reconciliation, currencies, deferrals, fixed assets, etc. 
  3. Project management- Looks after estimates, timesheets, jobs, and resources. 
  4. Human resource- Keeps a hawk’s eye on expense management, employees, salaries, etc. 
  5. Supply chain management- Manages the basic receivables, sales order management, purchase order management, basic warehousing, location, items transferred, and many more. 
  6. Manufacturing- There are a number of factors that Dynamics 365 Business Central looks after in the manufacturing sector like- vision management, basic supply planning, production orders, agile manufacturing, machine centers, capacity planning, demand forecasting, etc. 
  7. Service order management- Under this segment, it prepares & manages service items, price, orders, service contract, planning & dispatching of the orders received, prepared & sent. 

What is the overall cost of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

After analyzing its usage, features, and leverages, then comes figuring out if it suits your budget or not. To ensure so, Microsoft has launched Dynamics 365 Business Central with two types of pricing sets, including- 

  1. Essential- The license for Dynamics 365 Business Central Essential is available at $70.00 per user/ month
  2. Premium- This license version is available at a price of $100.00 per user/ month.  

With this, the users of Dynamics 365 Business Central must ensure that the license is released at a licensed/ registered user name. 

Check Pricing:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Implementation Plans

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Pricing & Licensing

The Last Words- 

Dynamics 365 Business Central is one of the most preferred replacements for standard ERP & accounting systems.

Apart from exceptional features, quality interface, and other leverages, it comes with a seal of trust by Microsoft.

No matter an SME or fortune 500 organization, there are several companies throughout the world that prefer to rely on this one-stop-solution than multiple software.

To make it an effective deal for every company type, Microsoft offers Dynamics 365 Business Central in two different packages including- essential and premium.

Both the service packages come with standard and advanced feature set, respectively.

One can opt for a particular package type after analyzing the organization’s requirements. 

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