5 Stages of HR’s Digital Transformation

By the time HR digital transformation has been introduced in the corporate world, the HR department has been facilitated with several software, tools, and improved work modules to fasten up their regular tasks. 

However, discussing the concept of HR digital transformation may sound as easy as 1,2, and 3, but when you wake to the realities, you witness the true difference. 

In today’s article, we will light the HR digital transformation and discuss why it is necessary, and how do you proceed with it?

What is HR Digital Transformation?

It is a process of converting the operational activities of the HR department to walk towards data-driven technology and automation. 

As per Deloitte’s 2017 report on Human Capital Trends, It’s all about the HR department being willing to take both challenges, including- upgrading the HR operations and improvising the workforce ability. 

As per the current scenario, calling an HR department restricted to till recruitment would be wrong. It’s a medium of transformation that involves each aspect of the organization and works on all of them as a team. 

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Why HR Department need Digital Transformation?

No matter the organization belongs to which organization or have been practicing digital transformation or not, it is important that the HR team must have a clear goal, and that must be a productive intent towards the business. 

In this scenario, companies are often seen under acute pressure by competitors. Rather than going with the flow, an organization must collaborate with its HR department to understand their digital transformation perspective, evaluate the requirements, and then involve digital mediums in the business. 

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The 5 Stages of HR Digital Transformation- 

Remember, an organization cannot go fully digital in a day. It’s a process that takes time and brings gradual results on your table. 

These are the vital stages of HR digital transformation which when followed appropriately can deliver you results- 

  1. Run business as usual- Just because you have involved digital transformation that doesn’t mean that you will change the operational activities from day one. 
  • Remain active- Execute experiments in the organization to test everyone’s understanding of digitization. 
  • Formalize- Bring business relevant to your operations to get leadership support. 
  • Be strategic- Evaluate and use the collaboration power to get insights into new roadmaps. 
  • Converged- Learn to guide & execute the company strategies effectively.

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The Final Note- 

In the near future, every HR department would have to accept digital transformation to remain in the competition for long.

Why? Well! Because the world is digitizing at a rapid speed with employees or customers expecting assistance above than average.

And when businesses, individual teams, employees, and organizations are adopting digital transformation, the HR department cannot stay behind. 

Resulting, many HR departments from reputed organizations throughout the world have started to practice digital transformation in their operations and work protocol.

And it has resulted in enhanced employee engagement and getting easier and complete access to business intelligence. 

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