With Microsoft Cloud Migration modernize your organization

Emergence of COVID-19 outbreak has taught businesses the importance of modernization in the workplace.

Having a modern workplace can assist your organization to avoid expensive security risks, ameliorate ROI of your company and others.

Moreover, in a situation where COVID-19 is on rise, modernization of technology promotes flexibility to work from anywhere from any electronic device.

More likely, during this time you must have witnessed a drastic slow down in your organization during this time.

This might, however, be the best opportunity to make those crucial infrastructure & technology amelioration that you desperately require but can never get the time for.

Utilize this opportunity for modernization of your business infrastructure & come up with tools, which would allow your organization to operate from any device from anywhere.

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The legacy technology can turn things complicated

This is exactly how things appear for most small & medium scale businesses currently. Businesses – IT infrastructure is getting increasingly shattered as they attempt to ameliorate the productivity of their workforce and are trying to work under the budget constraint.

The irony is this fragmentation is maximum organizations are investing substantial funds but are not necessarily able to make higher profits.

When organizations include new solutions and services to pervade real and perceived gaps in the ITs, they are basically holding on to the legacy systems that are great enough.

Such legacy systems take sufficient time to manage, that on the whole affects the profit margin of the business.

Meanwhile, organizations are utilizing many distinct devices & whether they are aware of it or not, have mobile workforce that requires added protection and security.

Studies reveal sixty percent of small organizations lose out on business within six months after cyber attack.

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Technology come with expiry date

Note, the technology you have been investing for your company comes with an expiry date. Thus, begin planning for Windows 7 & office end of support.

Meaning of End of Support:

  • Zero security updates
  • Zero updates, features or bug fixes
  • Zero online technical updates regarding content
  • Limited functionality
  • Zero custom support agreements

In January 2020, Windows 7 reached their end of support and Office 2013 and Office 2020 would be the end of support in the month of October 2020.

Why opt for cloud services?

SMB technology decision makers have been heading away from the strategy of squeezing every bit of life out of the IT assets to a strategic approach for technology adoption.

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Three reasons SMBs are considering cloud

  • Cost saving
  • Ameliorated security
  • Simple access to applications and documents from various locations

On making an upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365, SMBs benefit from file sharing, data security, remote access etc.

The SMBs who upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365 state numerous benefits that involve 45 hours of enhanced mobile worker productivity each mobile worker, enhanced collaboration, nearly 17% reduction of time spent on making decisions, lowered downtime & utilization of 3rd party software.

Also, numerous SMBs are concerned regarding their potential to protect their organization from cyberattacks and retain their data in a safe place.

However, they lack protection against most common threats. Current surveys on SMBs found that seventy one percent feel their vulnerability to cyberattack, springing to eighty seven percent for organizations that have experienced a breach.

Advanced security features in Microsoft Dynamics 365 are offering a comprehensive solution for the protection of SMBs from cyberthreats & safeguard sensitive data.  

Migrate your business to cloud with complete confidence

Our consulting team at Dynamics Business Solutions (DBS) will assist your team through the cloud journey and also help you deploy best practices ensuring a successful transition.


  • Understand your present surrounding
  • Evaluate your app compatibility
  • Decide any missing pre requirements


  • Prepare the change in management plan alongside your communication assets
  • Create deployment plan for your modern desktop involving cloud services


  • Migrate and replace Windows 7 to Windows 10
  • Deploy the cloud servers for app hosting
  • Migrate your user data


  • Begin end user adoption programme
  • Continuous amelioration

Dynamics Business Solutions (DBS) is a certified Microsoft Dynamics partner in UAE, we take pride in our ability to develop and deploy the right business solution that matches global client’s requirements.

To know more, speak to our expert at Dubai: +971 4 447 5525 Abu Dhabi: +971 2 222 2100 or inbox us your query at  inquiry@dbsae.com OR visit www.dynamics.ae

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