Unlocking Business Insights: How Power BI Empowers GCC Businesses

If you have a business set up in GCC and want to leverage modern-day technology to streamline operations, then you have landed on the right blog. Power BI was launched in the year 2011 bundled with SQL Server.

Now comes the big question – what is Power BI?

It is a technology-driven business intelligence tool that converts raw data to actionable ones. Developed by Microsoft, Power BI combines business analytics, data visualization, and the best practices in the market.

Power BI tool helps organizations make data-driven decisions via interactive dashboards and BI reports.

If you have been looking to promote or grow your business through data-driven intelligence reports, you have landed on the right blog. Here, we will talk about the benefits of Power BI irrespective of the size or scale of your business.

Gaining traction from the BI will help you in more ways than one. Power BI comes with different components and features, such as Power Query, Power Pivot, Power View, Power Map, Power BI Desktop, Power Q&A, etc.

Some of the features of Power BI include multiple data sources, custom visualization, artificial intelligence, and more. In the age of big data, understanding data concepts and visualising data has become easier than ever before.

Power BI helps in converting them into meaningful insights that would help you make the right decision for your business. So the best part about Power BI is that one can understand it even without being from a technical background. No matter which industry your business belong to, you should make the most of the Power BI tool.

Here are some of the benefits that you should know about.

1. Artificial intelligence:

The topmost reason why you should invest in Power BI is that it allows access to image recognition, text analytics forms, machine learning models, et al.

It seamlessly integrates with Azure machine learning as well. Even if your employees are non-data scientists, they can use it to build machine learning models.

2. Analysis of big data:

Power BI allows the analysis and sharing of big data. It can handle volumes of data and decreases the time taken to get insights, boosting collaboration between business analysts, data scientists as well as data engineers.

3. Dashboards and interactive reports:

Power BI comes with dashboards which are not one-size-fits-all. You can get it customised as per your organization’s requirements.

It comes with an easy drag-and-drop functionality. This is the reason why most modern-day businesses are using it to produce powerful models and visualizations.

4. Real-time information access:

We all know how everything is fast in today’s business world. If you get access to real-time data and information, it is needless to say you will be able to solve problems quickly and identify opportunities.

If you want to handle sensitive data timely, then you need the dashboard to get updated in real-time.

5. Excel integration:

The Power BI enables businesses to seamlessly integrate with Excel.

This helps to connect data models common queries and reports to power dashboards. You can create interactive visualizations since you have access to data.

Power BI also comes with interactive UI/UX features.

6. Data sources support and integration:

Power BI provides seamless integration with Microsoft products such as Oracle database, IBM, and Amazon Redshift to name a few. This makes it so much easier for any business. It also integrates with various online services like Salesforce reports, Adobe Analytics and Facebook.

Other things it collaborates with:

Web-based data sources like JSON, XML, and OData feeds

Business apps such as Salesforce, Dynamics 365, and SharePoint

Hadoop-based sources like HDInsight, Hadoop Distributed File System, etc.


Power BI is less expensive and affordable when compared to other business intelligence and analytics. It is a great choice for SMEs. You can choose the one that suits your requirements.

You can choose from the 3 different available versions, Power BI Desktop, Power BI Pro and Power BI Premium. You can choose as per your budget.

The best part about Power BI is that users can also provide you suggestions and you can gain insight from the same. Power BI community platform is really helpful.

Microsoft makes sure that users always get access to the latest version. Multiple dashboard deployment: Often companies need multiple power BI dashboards and reports.

Power BI Pro users can avail of the same as it comes with various purpose-built dashboards and reports.

8. Accessibility: Irrespective of the place, Power BI can be accessed by anyone and from anywhere. It also ensures that there is an effective collaboration.

Power BI also allows the ability to personalise security features.

It gets updated on a monthly basis so you need not worry about the same. Every month, it comes up with something new and exciting! It pays attention to user requests, which is a plus!


To wrap it up, Power BI is a great tool for your business. It even allows co-ownership of a report or dashboard. The links can be shared via Outlook as well. As you expand, you need Power BI to reach new heights.

Power BI Pro version is a fully paid, cloud-based version that allows forming dahboards and reports, embed them into applications and even share the same with users. On the other hand,

Power BI Premium version provides better data capacity limits, better performance, feasibility to publish reports, better performance, and even allows access to latest range of features like embedded analytics, One API surface, etc.

The data fluidity will provide you with an edge over your peers. It boosts efficiency and competitiveness. So now that you know it all, we believe that you will invest in Power BI.

Microsoft Power BI – Analytics solutions can enhance your business operations in more ways than one. It provides you with a single, unified view of your data, thereby syncing all the departments.

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Ditch the solos by partnering with Power. Create graphs and dashboards easily with the same of Power BI. You can even monitor live dashboards and track your data in real-time.

Pin new visualizations and KPIs to monitor performance. Trust DBS as the leading provider for Power BI solutions.

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