Eliminate Payroll Human Errors with DynaPay Payroll for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Any organization, even with one employee, is required to have a well-structured system in place for managing payroll activities. These include paying off the employees, paying taxes promptly, and submitting government forms.

There is a myriad of aspects associated with payroll management for companies with both full-time and part-time employees, along with independent contractors.

Managing the payroll tasks manually is not only tedious but also contribute to costly blunders. In this post, we’ll be discussing some of these potential problems and how these can be solved by having an efficient integrated payroll mechanism such as the DynaPay for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in place.

Risk of Data loss

When you have manual payroll setup, then there is always room for data loss as there is inadequate security for critical business information.

When the employee’s data is entered and edited manually on a spreadsheet, just about any unauthorized personnel could corrupt the details. But, by investing in DynaPay, a full-integral payroll management application, you can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing the vital business data is safe and secured.

Disorganized Payroll Processing

Manually computing big numbers aren’t easy as the use of a spreadsheet for processing payroll can lead to hundreds of datasheets as different information of each employee is needed, ranging from the number of leaves, payroll information claims, and other essential data.

This is where you are required to automate your organization’s payroll role department with DynaPay that seamless integrates the data and process it to your precious business time and human efforts.

The Tendency For Errors

Unlike computers, human beings are programmed to make mistakes and learn from them. The manual payroll process system in any organization involved error-prone stuff. A single-digit error can contribute to a complete inaccurate record and lead to a massive business loss.

Find the error is time-consuming, and if the error isn’t identified, then the data needs to be recalculated, wasting business time, which could have been invested for strategic planning.

The human error tendency can only be overcome by investing in a reliable and efficient, comprehensive payroll management desktop application.

Limited Capabilities

When you are managing the payroll processing of your organization, the capabilities are quite limited. The spreadsheets must be continuously monitored, and they are saved in the main office computers. Even, think of a scenario when there is a complete network failure, now you won’t be able to retrieve the payroll data.

The limited capabilities of manual processing won’t be a headache when you have a proper functioning automated payroll system to organize the company data and keep the possible human errors at bay.

Final Thought

DynaPay is a one-stop, easy-to-use payroll application works inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that organizes all your essential business data in one place.

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