How DynaPay is Enhancing the Legacy of Microsoft Dynamics ERP?

Microsoft, the global tech giant, enjoys a reputation of rolling out state-of-the-art technological solutions for the benefits of its huge base of global customers.

DynaPay for Dynamics 365 BC is a top choice among globally accepted payroll software from the house of Microsoft. DynaPay is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and has been exclusively developed by DBS for its customers. It happens to be the best solution for business enterprises.

A Word about Microsoft ERP

A well-structured and well-designed ERP solution has the ability to streamline business processes. This is exactly what DBS aims through innovated payroll software based on a premium product named Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Microsoft Dynamics BC is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software which can single-handedly run daily business operations with ease and convenience. Automation is the key to the success of this popular business process management software from the family of the world-leading tech giant.

It is the most comprehensive solution, for small to medium-sized organizations, which can easily automate all significant backend processes (related to HR, technology, and services) required to run a business entity.

Managing the supply chain, making financial data reports, payroll management, avoiding recurrent works, minimizing business costs, and analysis of business performance factors can be achieved by this ERP solution.

In short, Dynamics BC is a one-in-all solution comprising of integrated applications that can streamline tasks, assist is smart decision-making and gear up business growth.

An Overview of DynaPay from Dynamic 365 BC

DynaPay is an integral part of DBS which is carrying forward the good legacy of Microsoft in enabling customers to leverage the potential of an out-of-the-box Payroll and HR Management System.  The top functions that can be achieved by this software application are:

  • Employee Records Management
  • Payroll Calculation
  • Business Document Management

The in-built DynaPay software uses the native development tool “AL” of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central to leverage the features and functionalities (workflows, notifications as well as document attachments) of Dynamics 365 BC.

DynaPay is a Microsoft Cloud-hosted self-service business process software that can be accessed by employees and HR managers from any place, any time and on any device.

Ways in Which DynaPay is Influencing Business Operations

Human Resource is a major department of a business organization. This department needs the utmost accuracy and expertise to deal with crucial company management affairs, especially employee management data which includes top elements like payroll, recruitment and several other scheduled tasks.  DynaPay is meant for automating all such tasks.

DynaPay is a welcome tool for HR managers. It is necessary to keep a track on employee performance and keep a tab on the working days and leaves taken by employees. HR managers can ably do the same with the Employee Management Module of DynaPay.

They can access a list of documents pertaining to employee and company information. This helps to locate documents which are about to expire, thereby helping them to avoid paying fines to authorities and stay away from legal complications.

HR Managers can effectively manage payroll services. In one click salary, allowances and deductions can be calculated. Most important, it also creates payslips for employees and department-specific payroll reports.

DynaPay can identify HR problems at the start – hence remedial measures can be taken before problems spin out of control.

It is easy to data-driven decisions with DynaPay payroll software. The cherry on the cake is DynaPay native mobile app which gives ultimate freedom to access the software on-the-go.

Final Word

Single environment work procedure from a single platform is the highlight of DynaPay software for Dynamics 365 BC. It is the most beneficial software which has taken ERP technology to newer heights of stardom and popularity.

Technology is always in a state of flux and techies are ever keen to bring out better solutions for business owners in the coming days.

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