Crucial Reasons to Opt for Cloud Based HR Software

The process of human resource automation has been in our lives for a while. However, various technologies including human resource automation have progressed farther as compared to the last few years.

Human resource services have merged along with cloud based apps, which now is known as cloud based HR software that has assisted the HR experts in overcoming various kinds of hindrances that they dealt with before.

Cloud based HR software solutions cannot just dominate 2021 but also the upcoming years. Here we will list some crucial reasons to opt for cloud based software and how it makes the work of organizations effective and easier.

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Firstly, we will list why now is the time to make the shift to cloud based HR software.

Most of the experts who wish to make the shift report the desire is HR department driven as it makes their functionality easier and highly scalable.

Usually, on premise software for the human resource planning does not come with such kind of capabilities.

Below listed are 5 signs that your human resource processes should be replaced simply with cloud based HR software:

  • Organizations human resource processes are in a standardized format
  • The HR templates are already paper based and in place
  • The standard flow of the approvals have been determined
  • Every task or work involved in the human resource process has an owner, who is accountable.
  • The company has a confined set of human resource regulations and policies to stand by.

The above report leads to the conclusion that within years a vast chunk of the HR department will completely depend on the cloud based software solution and not on HRM processes as it is simpler and saves plenty of time, which goes on keeping the accounts in form.

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Listed below are top features that every cloud based HR software should offer:

While there is an array of cloud based HR software in the prevailing market, some HR based solutions offer minimum features.

However, note that we at Dynamics Business Solutions (DBS) are one of those organizations offering the best cloud based HR software that comes with maximum features.

Our offered cloud based HR solution is known by the name Dynamo works inside Dynamics 365 FO cloud based payroll software. This solution has numerous benefits, few of them are:

  • Helps in record keeping of unlimited employees
  • Posts general ledger in detail
  • Manages well all the employee based details
  • Uses the employee master feature of the standard AX HR
  • Does the GCC payroll calculations
  • Can set up robust and flexible editors
  • Comes with multiple earning and deductions set with necessary formula editors
  • Does gratuity calculation and pension calculation with ease
  • Calculates with ease the annual leave accruals as well as leave encashment.

Here are few of the most crucial features you must note that your cloud based HR software has.

  • Digital forms that approve, capture & keep track of the requests.
  • API integration to make connection with human resource clouds with software such as payroll systems.
  • Conditional workflows, rule based that abides by regulatory and policy compliance.
  • Existence of ESS also known as employee self service to help employees manage their data well.
  • Accessibility to multi channel to manage, view and reject/approve requests instantly.
  • An inbuilt module for reporting to generate data driven and actionable insights.

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Advantages of using our cloud based HR tool:

To conclude with the above information, we believe 2021 and the upcoming years will mark as crucial years for organizations to take up cloud based HR software.

With an increasing number of companies identifying the advantages that cloud based HR software provide, the technological development in such tools are enhancing and becoming even better.

Planning for human resources can be a very complicated job and efficient automation with cloud based HR software is the key to lower the risk of manual errors.

Apart from this, cloud based HR software also helps the HR professionals to concentrate on other challenging tasks of their job, which earlier was not possible owing to the manual HR tasks.

With cloud based HR software, automation has become easier, which has taken the trend much further and revealed newer possibilities.

Dynamo Payroll works inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO – cloud based payroll software, we aim to offer the above similar features to all the businesses to make their payroll system function at ease with simplicity. 

Dynamics Business Solutions (DBS) is certified Microsoft Dynamics partner in UAE, we take pride in our ability to develop and deploy the right business solution that matches global client’s requirements.

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