5 Perks of Automating Your Organisation’s Payroll Mechanism

Without a dilemma, payroll is an integral department of an organization. We all know how complex manual payroll processing is.

It requires a considerable amount of effort to link attendance data, statutory deductions, and other information to prepare one employee’s salary report. Besides, there is room for costly monetary errors. 

So, then why are you still stuck with the same old-school practice of managing the payroll with human souls, the time has come when you can trust specified HR software like DynaPay to make payroll processing easy & convenient for employers? 

But, hey still not convinced with the prospect of investing in an automated payroll system, here are the five reasons you must:-

1. Quick & Easy Salary Calculations

A computerized payroll system such as DynaPay lets you easily prepare a salary report by making all the calculations, right basic salary to the additional wages for overtime, bonuses, commissions, or any wage deductions.

This software is developed based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, a reliable enterprise resource planning system by Microsoft.

You just need to input the employee’s details, and the salaries are prepared right away. In addition, such a system eliminates the requirement of writing a paycheck, as it itself generates the pay stubs.

2. Accuracy

The single biggest advantage of automating your organization’s payroll department with DynaPay software is 100% accuracy in payroll information.

There won’t be scope for human blunders that often proves to be a big blunder. So, whether you are a progressive company or a big enterprise, payroll software will ensure smooth and dependable processing of salaries.

3. Security

In comparison to manual payroll processing, the automated mechanism has robust security features to deter sensitive data leakages outside the organization.

With DynaPay, the senior authority of any organization can conveniently supervise the data changes made by someone in the payroll department to the audit log. Moreover, it ensures that only an authorized individual has access to critical organization data.

4. Easy Updating

An automated payroll system simplifies the process of updating the data, as it allows the changes to be made directly to the database effortless.

These changes include the addition of a new employee to the payroll system, update vital information like deduction changes address or tax, and changing the bank account for the direct deposit of salary into his or her account.

5. Financial Planning Assistance

Another reason why the automated payroll system is a value for money investment for an organization is its many features that assist companies with effective financial planning.

As the payroll system will prepare the salary report of each employee well-in-advance, the employer can budget efficiently. Furthermore, the possibility of the late paycheck is not there, no trips to bank and cheque cashing fees are eliminated. 

DynaPay- Comprehensive, Easy-To-Use, Reliable Payroll Software

DynaPay provides employers everything they need to efficiently keep track of their employees’ working hours, managing the leaves and processing of salaries-with access restricted to authorized personnel. 

Salient Features of DynaPay:-

  • HR Management Dashboard for HR Managers
  • Employee Management Module
  • Payroll Calculation Management
  • DynaPay-BC Employee Self Service (ESS) 
  • DynaPay-BC Mobile App.

If you have query contact DynaPay at +971 4 447 5525 or inbox your inquiry at inquiry@dbsae.com

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