Know about cloud based HR software that helps your business?

In any organization whether small or big, the human resource department plays a crucial role. One of the important functions of the HR department is to generate corrective payrolls.

Here is where cloud based HR software can crucially help HR departments of all company types.

Cloud based refers to the potential to store data and programs on remote systems that can easily be accessed by any device with a working internet connection and provide numerous advantages to organizations.

Listed below are the top advantages of opting for a cloud based HR software for your organization:

Accessibility to data or information becomes easy and fast:

With cloud based HR software, businesses do not require dedicating a specific IT resource for the maintenance and support of the inhouse HR software.

Cloud based HR software requires zero installation, functionality and data available on login can be accessed from any device from anywhere.

In case of loss of data during floods or fires, the data can be easily retrieved as they are stored in the cloud.

In case of in house payroll system – maintenance, upgradation and inclusion of security are regions, which require regular review.

However, with cloud there is zero need to get any of such IT linked issues fixed. Such functions are not required as the cloud provider ensures to take care of them all for your organization.

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The system of payroll is on all the time

Whether the need is to calculate tax data, apply retirement fund calculation, process timesheet or just issue the salary payments, cloud based HR software ameliorates all such processes and conducts them with ease. Here are a list of advantages that makes management of payroll in cloud worthy:

The payroll system is on always:

It does not matter what day or time it is, all your info or data as well as processes are available always in cloud based HR software.  

Untethered from desk:

Cloud based HR software caters accessibility to employees payroll instantly, whether you are sitting in a conference, away for a good vacation, out for an evening snack or simply scrolling through your system in a seminar.

Ameliorated collaboration:

Cloud based HR software helps to manage your payroll and disseminate it to whoever has the accessibility.

Multiple employees can collaborate on work if required, and can even access live data & identical info.

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With cloud based HR software, you can scale up or down your services as your business grows or reorganizes.

Whether the business is trying to elevate their profit margin during seasonal operation or scale it down on random disadvantageous events can now be easily done with cloud based HR software.

Completely secure:

Cloud based HR software works as a guard or shield against info/data loss without complex server backup timelines, IT staff, aging tools as they are securely backed in the cloud.

All data of payroll requires to be managed well and kept on hand for several years, which cloud based HR software can easily store and access whenever the requirement for the payroll data comes up.

At Dynamics Business Solution (DBS), we have DynaPay payroll developed inside Dynamics 365 Business Central that clearly concentrates on automating complex payroll scenarios and storing them up in the cloud for future reference purposes.

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Here are few of the advantages that DynaPay for Dynamics 365 Business Central, a cloud based HR software can give your organization:

  • Can maintain the basic data and details of various number of employees
  • Can maintain salary details such as fixed basic salary, variable salary elements, fixed allowances, and calculated salary elements into their cloud record.
  • Can store all the employees’ work experiences and details of their qualification degrees.
  • Can easily track duty resumptions and leave management of all employees.
  • Can simply calculate employee gratuity based on the contract type
  • Can store up all the information of the employee contact details such as home country, local contact details, and their emergency contact numbers.
  • Can store up the visa details and passport details with their issue and expiry dates in cloud.
  • Can store history of all salary increments.
  • Maintain records of all the expenses incurred by each and every employee.
  • Can efficiently manage all employee documents with unlimited attached documents of each employee.

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